Thursday, June 5, 2014

Application Bar in Windows Phone 7

App Bar

In this article I am going to see how to use Application Bar effectively for a Windows Phone 7 Application development.

Application Bar is a set of Icons that can be configured at the bottom of the application for each page or also we can configure it for multiple pages.

These buttons can be used to navigate to frequently used pages across the application which enables users to navigate quickly and easily. Application bar has some set of options along with the buttons we can configure the menu items especially for some navigation which are not that much frequently used. Application bar automatically adjusts its icons and button as the screen orientation changes as and when.

<shell:ApplicationBar IsVisible="True" IsMenuEnabled="True">
<shell:ApplicationBarIconButton IconUri="/images/" Text="Back" Click="ApplicationBarIconButton_Click" />
<shell:ApplicationBarIconButton IconUri="/images/" Text="Add" Click="ApplicationBarIconButton_Click_1"/>
<shell:ApplicationBarIconButton IconUri="/images/" Text="Next" Click="ApplicationBarIconButton_Click_2" />
<shell:ApplicationBarMenuItem Text="Submit" />
<shell:ApplicationBarMenuItem Text="Clear" />


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